November is a month filled with excitement and anticipation as the holiday season approaches. However, for parents who rely on childcare services, the holidays can also bring unique challenges. One solution that many families turn to during this time is nanny sharing. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of nanny sharing and provide insights on how to navigate nanny share arrangements for a stress-free holiday season.

What is Nanny Sharing?

Nanny sharing, also known as nanny share or nanny co-op, is an arrangement where two or more families share the services of a single nanny. This collaborative approach can be particularly beneficial during November and the upcoming holidays, as it offers a cost-effective solution and ensures that your child continues to receive quality care even when regular routines are disrupted.

The Benefits of Nanny Sharing in November

1. Cost Savings: The holiday season can be financially demanding, but nanny sharing allows families to split the cost of a nanny, making quality childcare more affordable.

2. Flexible Scheduling: Nanny sharing offers flexibility in scheduling, which is essential during the irregular hours and days off that often occur in November.

3. Social Interaction: Children in nanny share arrangements have built-in playmates, fostering social development during holiday breaks.

4. Continuity of Care: Your child can enjoy consistent care from a trusted nanny, even when one family might be on vacation or celebrating a holiday.

Tips for Navigating Nanny Share Arrangements

1. Open Communication: Clear and open communication between all families involved is key to a successful nanny share. Discuss expectations, schedules, and any specific holiday plans.

2. Legal and Financial Agreements: Create a written agreement that outlines responsibilities, hours, wages, and other relevant terms to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Backup Plans: Have contingency plans in case the nanny or one of the families needs to take time off during the holidays.

4. Respect Nanny’s Needs: Remember that your nanny also deserves a break. Ensure she has time off during the holiday season to recharge.

5. Safety Protocols: Discuss and agree on safety protocols, especially if multiple families are involved, to ensure everyone’s well-being.

6. Holiday Celebrations: Coordinate holiday celebrations, gift-giving, and activities in a way that is fair and enjoyable for all children in the nanny share.


Navigating nanny share arrangements during the November holidays can be a win-win situation for families and nannies alike. It provides the flexibility, cost savings, and continuity of care that are especially valuable during this time of year.  To learn more about the nanny share arrangement or how we can best assist you, please feel free to give us a call at 267-217-6093 or use our contact form at We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help you find the right solution for your family’s unique needs.